/the Designer

Patricia Wan is a Toronto-based jewelry designer born in Hong Kong. With an early love of art and a penchant for exploration, a desire was born to cast multi-faceted ideas into a singular object. A career and passion fused which allowed her to channel the beauty of this world with her own expression of the universe.

Since the inception of DÉESSE, the line has become known for its signature ethereal designs with a lasting presence. The collection is defined by the use of timeless proportions, delicate settings, and other-worldly stones. Her designs evokes a sense of effortless beauty, ever-evolving in element but retaining the use of the finest quality materials and selection of natural gemstones. 

Her work includes maintaining close partnerships with master artisans who brings her designs to life. Each piece is handcrafted with the belief that each jewel reflects a creative process and a deep relationship with the raw materials. With an artist's eye to detail, Patricia is extremely involved in every step of the design and production process, from the drawing of the initial design to the sourcing and selection of the gemstones.

“As a jewelry designer, the concept that the purchase of jewelry is a personal experience, and that the right piece of jewelry can enhance a woman’s natural beauty and her state of feeling. Beautiful and sentimental in nature, when worn they become both a vessel to our memories and an extension of ourselves.”



The Inspiration Behind the Brand